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Oiles 500SP1-SL1

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Metallic bearings having been used widely

The Oiles 500SP1 series are self-lubricating bearings composed of highstrength brass alloy bases made with advanced casting technology and embedded solid lubricants. They may be combined with various types of solid lubricants according to the conditions of use.

Service Range
Lubrication conditions Dry Periodic lubrication
Service temperature range(ºF) -40 ~ +572 -40 ~ +302
Allowable max. contact pressure: P
29 29
Allowable max. velocity: V (m/s) 0.50 1.00
Allowable max. PV value
1.65 3.25


■ Serviceable without the need for lubrication. Demonstrates high performance under high-load and low-speed operations.
■ Demonstrates superior wear resistance in applications where oil film is seldom produced such as reciprocating motions, oscillation, frequent starts and stops, etc.
■ Superior chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.
■ Standard products are available in various sizes.

Standard Products

Various standard products are available. Use the following links to check model numbers (according to approximate dimensions).
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