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What are OILES bearings?

Associated with bearings in a broad sense, every machine is designed to run smoothly without a hitch. The bearings are largely divided into roller bearings and plain bearings.

Normal plain bearings tend to seize because of a high load, movement form, mixture of foreign matters, temperature condition, improper lubrication and maintenance, and so on.

Even in the condition where these normal plain bearings are not suitable, OILES bearings exhibit the performance requested for the bearings, such as wear resistance and seizure resistance, to materialize performance enhancement and maintenance-free devices.

Types of Bearings

Characteristics Oiles Bearings Normal Plain Bearings Roller Bearings
Self-lubricating Applicable to lubrication-free operations. Requires lubrication. Requires lubrication normally.
impact resistance Superior Slightly better inferior
Heat resistance Applicable to high temperature. slightly better(Up to +150℃ normally) Inferior(Not applicable to high temperature.)
Reciprocating motion Superior A little inferior A little inferior
Oscillating motion Superior Slightly better A little inferior
Corrosion resistance Superior A little inferior Inferior
size Compact and thin Compact and thin Large and thick

Normal Plain Bearings

Bearings made of copper alloy, etc. requiring lubrication and used in fluid lubrication and boundary lubrication domains.

Major types

  • Plastic bearings
  • Metallic bearings

Roller Bearings

Bearings consisting of a spherical or roller-shaped rolling element and a casing, and reducing friction by the principle of roller.

Major types

  • Ball bearings
  • Roller bearings
  • Needle bearings

Oiles Bearings (Self-Lubricating Bearings)

Oiles bearings are plain bearings that reduce the lubrication quantity and frequency or that can be used without the need for lubrication. The bearings demonstrate superior durability and performance stability under severe conditions where normal plain bearings cannot maintain performance. The bearings are used in a variety of applications.


Does not require a lubricating system, lubrication holes, or oil grooves.

Enables remarkable cost reduction by reducing cost and labor associated with lubrication, machining and assembly.

Reduces running costs

Reduces lubricating oil consumption and equipment maintenance costs and enables a remarkable reduction in operating costs.

Maintenance free

Significantly reduces costs for lubrication and maintenance of lubricating system and eliminates problems caused by improper lubrication.

Reduces design time

No need for lubrication simplifies designs and structures and remarkably reduces costs and time.
With superior durability, Oiles bearings improve machine performance and prolong service life.

Lubricating oil recycling and environmental protection

Reduces expenses and labor needed to recycle oil and protects the environment against contamination from oil.

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