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New series SP5B OILES 500SP5-SL1

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Reliable OILES Quality assuring high strength and high durability with thin walls

Thickness available from 1mm
The use of original metal featuring high strength and high wear resistance leads to reliable performance and longer life with thin walls.


1. Space-Saving

Thin walls help your design fit into a limited space.

Bearing Thickness 33-50% thinner
(Compared to conventional SPB)


■ Want to use bearings in a limited narrow space.
■ Want to downsize the equipment



■ Having thin walls, SP5B reduces the bearing O.D.
→ SP5B leads to downsizing of the housing.



2. Long Life

Contributes to higher durability and maintenance-free operation of machinery and equipment

Bearing Life 10 times longer*
(Compared to competitive product)


■ Want higher durability than the plastic bearings.
■ Want to realize maintenance-free operation.



■ SP5B is stronger, more accurate, and more resistant to wear than plastic bearings.
→ Prevention of rattling, deformation and wear leads to significant improvement in durability.


■ SP5B is more resistant to wear than competitive self-lubricating bushes.
→ The extended maintenance interval and maintenance-free operation lead to reduction in total cost.


* The value was calculated by comparing the bearing wear amount observed in the internal sliding test. 

3. High Accuracy

Maintains high accuracy by achieving high processing accuracy and high resistance to wear.

Initial Clearance 55% smaller
(Compared to plastic bearings)


■ Want to reduce the initial clearance to achieve higher accuracy.



■ SP5B offers high accuracy through cutting work.
→ Initial clearance is reduced so that rattling can be prevented.

Initial clearance [example]

Bearing Bearing processing method Nominal I.D. Housing Shaft Initial clearance (median)
SP5B Cutting work 10 H7 e7 46µm
Multi-layer bearing Press molding 10 H7 e7 67µm
Plastic bearing Injection molding 10 H7 h7 107µm

4. Reduced Assembly Steps

Press-ftting eliminates the need for screwing, realizing reduction of assembly steps.

Workload Largely Reduced


■ Want to omit the locking/retaining steps in the bearing assembly process.



■ SP5B requires no screwing because it is fitted to the housing with an “interference fit”.


Application examples

■ Automobile production plants (e.g. Hangers for painting and assembly conveyor lines)
■ Food, medical supplies and cosmetics machinery (labeling machines, filling machines, capping machines, wrapping machines, testing machines, weighing machines)
■ Plant equipment (parts feeders, cutting machines, processing machines, assembly machines)
■ Others (chucking mechanism, lifting mechanism, various types of guides and links, etc.)

Catalog PDF

It is written the service range, the test data, and the standard size table, etc.