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PSB (PS Bearing)

Plastic thrust bearing units

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Plastic thrust bearing units

The Oiles PS bearing series are compact and lightweight thrust bearing units with superior sliding performance developed by original technology.


Allowable pressure W  : 11,700~49,000 N {1,194~5,000 kgf}
Allowable rotation N     : 1.50~4.00 S-1    {90~240 rpm}
Allowable max.WN      : 1,470~2,450 N・S-1  {9,000~15,000 kgf・rpm}

■ Low coefficient of friction. Maintains smooth operating conditions.
■ Features low torque variations when starting and stopping and prevents stick slips.
■ Has unit structure that slides inside the bearing. Wear of the bearing and the wear characteristics are not affected by the material or surface conditions of the mating parts.
■ Demonstrates superior sliding performance in intermittent and sliding operations.
■ The whole bearing unit is made of plastic. Small, lightweight, and superior corrosion resistance.

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