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Oiles Techmet B

Polytetrafluoroethylene plastic multi-layer bearings with back metals

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Multi-layer bearings featuring superior high-speed stability allowing inner diameter machining

The Oiles Techmet series are self-lubricating bearings composed of three layers: Special plastic layers, sintered bronze layers, and back metals.

Service range
Lubrication conditions Dry
Service temperature range
-58 to +482
allowable max. contact pressure : P
allowable max. velocity : V
Allowable max. PV value


●Serviceable without the need for lubrication. Features superior dimensional stability,
mechanical strength, and thermal conductivity with a thin, lightweight, and compact design.
●Demonstrates stable low coefficient of friction and superior wear resistance under high-speed conditions.
●The plastic layers have machining allowance, allowing high dimensional accuracy when the inner diameter is machined.
●The standard products in various sizes are available on order.

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