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Oiles Cermet G

Sintered bearings with dispersed solid lubricant

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Bearings featuring superior heat resistance

The Oiles Cermet G series are self-lubricating bearings for high temperature made of sintered alloy, in which solid lubricant mainly consisting of graphite is dispersed.

Service range
Lubrication conditions Dry Periodic lubrication
Service temperature range
-40 to +482 -40 to +302
allowable max. contact pressure : P
10 10
allowable max. velocity : V
0.50 0.85
Allowable max. PV value
0.86 1.65


■ Serviceable without the need for lubrication. Features superior heat resistance.
■ Subject to no cracks or growth even if repetitively exposed to high temperature.
■ Demonstrates superior performance in hot and hard-to-lubricate applications.
■ Materials for machining are available.

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