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Oiles Aramid M/F1

Aromatic polyamide bearings

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Has superior heat resistance and chemical resistance. Usable in a vacuum.

The Oiles Aramid M series are formed heat-resistant engineering plastic products made of aromatic polyamide (meta-aramid). The Oiles Aramid F1 series are an improved series of the Oiles Aramid M. They inherit the heat resistance and high hardness from the Oiles Aramid M series and feature improved wear resistance and low friction characteristics necessary for bearings.


■ Has superior heat resistance, mechanical characteristics, and electric insulation. Easily machinable.
■ Has superior performance such as radiant ray resistance, chemical resistance, hydrolysis resistance, fire resistance, no gas production in a vacuum, etc.
■ The standard products in various ball shapes and materials for machining are available.

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