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Oiles 250

Phenolic bearings

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Periodical lubrication type bearings that tolerate abrasive wear.

The Oiles 250 series are bearings made of special cotton cloth based phenolic impregnated with lubricating oil and lubricant.

Service range
Lubrication conditions Periodic lubrication Oil lubrication
Service temperature range
-40~+100 -40~+100
allowable max. contact pressure : P
20 20
allowable max. velocity : V
3.35 15.00
Allowable max. PV value
2.45 3.25


■ Reduces the frequency of lubrication.
■ Maintains oil film, resulting in improved wear resistance.
■ Has superior foreign matter immersion characteristics, impact resistance, and noise suppressing characteristics.
■ Has superior chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.
■ Materials for machining are also available.

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