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Technical documents

Describes general notes for using OILES bearings and Describes the terminology.

Corrosion resistance (electronic catalog)

Describes the corrosion resistance data of the base resin and base metal of OILES bearings.

Storage method (electronic catalog)

Describes a storage procedure for using OILES bearings at ease.

Electrolytic corrosion (galvanic corrosion)

Describes electrolytic corrosion which is one of the causes of wear of OILES bearings.

Stress relaxation

Describes stress relaxation which is a phenomenon taking place in fixing the bearings by press-fitting.

Conductive plastic bearings

Defines plastic conductive bearings, and describes their electric resistance values and materials.

Differences from the sintered bearings

Describes the features of the LED and LES which are often used as the alternatives for the sintered bearings, and those of the sintered bearings.

Alternatives for ball bearings

Describes the notes for designing the GSB and GSF which are often uses as alternatives for ball bearings.

Design support

Introduces various characteristics and elements serving as a guide for design support, fitting tolerance design and service life calculation.

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